Ace pilot R Bong who has just become the most efficient pilot in the


Ace pilot R. Bong, who has just become the most efficient pilot in the history of the US Air Force, 1944 - pin by Paolo Marzioli | soldaten | Ww2 aircraft, ...

Best fighter pilots of all time

James H. Howard: The Only Fighter Pilot over Europe Awarded The Medal of Honor | A bit of history | Авиация

Brigadier General Robin Olds, United States Air Force, a fighter pilot and triple ace.

The top-scoring American ace of World War II, Richard I. Bong, was credited with 40 aerial victories.

Counting 34 victories he was America's third highest scoring ace, behind the legendary P-38 pilots Dick Bong ...

Top American fighter ace of WWII, with 40 kills, Captain Richard I. Bong in the cockpit of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, (U.S. Air Force)

Richard Ira "Dick" Bong (September 24, 1920 – August 6, 1945) is the United States' highest-scoring air ace, having shot down at least 40 Japanese aircraft ...

Richard Bong

Captain Hans-Joachim Marseille was a German fighter pilot of French ancestry with 158 confirmed kills. Marseille shot down more British and American ...

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This Day in WWII History: Feb 20, 1942: Pilot O'Hare becomes first American WWII flying ace

He was an ace who and survived the war, but the story that inspired me the most, was that of him dropping his own life preserver to downed American pilot

By mid-April 1944, Bong's total stood at 27 enemy aircraft destroyed. Having

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P-38H of the AAF Tactical Center, Orlando Army Air Base, Florida, carrying two 1,000 lb bombs during capability tests in March 1944. Role, Heavy fighter

USAAF Major Richard Bong with his P-38 Lightning aircraft "Marge".

An Me 262 replica flees a Mustang

Remember the name of Major Dick Bong, a true American hero -

A Fighter Pilot at Pearl Harbor

DICK BONG. Find this Pin and more ...

Major Richard I. Bong

On January 11, 1944, Major James Howard, alone, flew his P-51 into thirty six German fighters that were attacking a formation of American B-17 bombers.

How to Be a Good Safety Pilot. In this episode I am joined by Russ, Tom, Larry, and Rick join me to discuss what a safety pilot is, what the rules are, ...

Pappy Boyington

Major Gerhard Barkhorn was the second highest scoring fighter ace in history, with 300 victories from 1941-45. He served in the eastern front, ...

Aces High: The Heroic Saga of the Two Top-Scoring American Aces of World War II: Bill Yenne: 9780425232309: Books

Remember the name of Major Dick Bong, a true American hero -

Wingman to the Aces

Air Vice Marshal James “Johnnie” Johnson was the Royal Air Force's top scoring pilot with 34 individual kills and several shared. Johnson's great skill in ...


Major Bong, now a V Fighter Command staff officer with a “roving commission,

Eddie Rickenbacker-WWI SPAD S.XIII Pilot, wearing his CMOH.

Fighter pilot

fighteraces7. Japanese Zero pilot Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was possibly the top scoring Ace ...

Ace of Aces: The Dick Bong Story

Erich Hartmann. Erich Hartmann. Erich Hartmann is the most successful fighter pilot ...

Remember the name of Major Dick Bong, a true American hero -

It's good to be back at Wittering, but the reintroduction of flying is a serious task so there's very little time for nostalgia.

John A. Hilger, who retired as a brigadier general in 1966, is shown as a flying cadet at Army Air Corps flying school in 1933. Learn more about this ...

Ace of Aces: The Story of Fighter Pilot Dick Bong -- Kindle only pages) -- The illustrious career of Richard Ira "Dick" Bong, fighter pilot and America's ...

Major Erich Hartman was a Luftwaffe fighter ace who is recognized for having shot down more enemy aircraft than any pilot in history.

Since the legendary fighter-bomber was retired in 2010, the station has become home to numerous RAF and other MOD support units, but military flying ceased.

War Pilot: True Tales of Combat and Adventure: Richard Kirkland: 9780345458124: Books

... the Lightning took on and defeated all opponents in every theater of battle around the world. And it did this from early in the war to the last day of ...

Doolittle Raiders and Fighter Aces Honored

Robin Olds. Robin Olds. Robin Olds was a triple ace ...

F9F Panthers were only four months in service when photographed aboard the USS Boxer in September 1949. They were already outclassed by MiG-15s when the ...

The side of his p-38 had her painted on it.

America's First Jet Fighters Went to War Against North Korea. It Wasn't Pretty.

During the Battle of Britain, foreign pilots volunteered to fight with the Royal Air Force. Czech Sergeant Josef Frantisek was one of these pilots, ...

Eddie Rickenbacker-WWI SPAD S.XIII Pilot, wearing his CMOH.

Unconcerned about his own wounds, Munro's last words were, “Did they get off?” In addition to receiving the Medal of Honor, Munro has been celebrated with ...

James H. Doolittle

Hitler Hated This: Why Nazi Germany Feared the P-38 Lightning

The definitive list of every flying machine that appears in the 007 oeuvre.

PTO/CBI Pilots of WWII. Top American aces of the ...

Lockheed's P-38 Lightning: The Deadly World War II Plane That Fought Everywhere

pilots flying the F-86

Gerald R. Johnson who flew with the 49th FG, 9th FS from Tacloban Field in the Philippines in October 1944. Twenty-five kills, later reduced to ...

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Next Gen Aussie fighter pilots in high-tech “Iron Man” helmets

Bong died at just 24 years old. In Los Angeles, where his plane crashed, news of his death nearly displaced news of one of the most momentous events of the ...

Mary celebrates her centenary in a Spitfire (Image: Andy Annable/Boultbee Flight)

7th Fighter Squadron pilot 1st Lt. John Griffith barely made it out of the May

Top WWII Fighter Aces

War Pilot: True Tales of Combat and Adventure: Richard Kirkland: 9780345458124: Books

June 22, 2012. SOUTH POTOMAC PILOT ...

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Flight Lieutenant George “Buzz” Beurling was a fierce Canadian fighter pilot who shot down 31 aircraft in a range of European air battles.

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The Red Baron

Tom McGuire scored 38 aerial victories in a P-38, making him our nation's second highest scoring ace. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for shooting down ...

General Douglas MacArthur presents the Medal of Honor to Bong in December 1944. After Bong

Sully and the impossible turn

Not every situation demanded speed, and P-47s (above) remained in service as ground-attackers until 1953. (NASM (74-11710))

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Great American Fighter Pilots of World War II (Landmark Books Series, No. 96): Robert D. Loomis, General Robert Lee Scott Jr.: Books

His Hurricane crashed into the sea during this fight, and Pattle was killed. He is considered to be the UK's top flying ace, with estimates of his kills ...

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... John Stanaway, this book traces the careers of many unknown Aces within the USAAF in the European Theater. Some 17 pilots scored 7 or more ...

Members of the Tainan Kokutai at Lae include Nishizawa (circled) and (middle row

Hub Zemke with his P-47C, circa 1943.

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A T-38 Talon sits on the flight line of Laughlin Air Force Base,

Fighter Ace Hans-Joachim Marseille

Major Richard Ira Bong being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour by General Douglas MacArthur in

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D!

Meet the F-80 Shooting Star: The First U.S. Jet Fighter That Went to War Against North Korea

Not all jets were superior to props